Summer of Love

Well, this is awkward isn’t it? My last post was January favourites… ahem.  Life has a habit of getting in the way and with moving house, helping out with DIY, studying for exams and working full-time I was not spending a great deal of time on my laptop, never mind with my camera.  Oops.  Well, I’ve pulled through and asides from the work on our new house, everything else is finished. Let’s have a little catch-up…

I’m a lucky girl and am spending my summer in Munich.  Jamie has relocated here for work and I took the incredible opportunity to join him out here.  It’s quite a big step for me to do this – I’m predisposed to being a bit anxious of change, but as I’d mentioned in my New Years Goals post, I want to embrace new opportunities and adventures, not fear them, so I took the leap of faith and am having a great time so far in this wonderful city.  I will also have lots more time (and content!) to blog, so no more excuses!

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