Sun is in the sky, oh why oh why would I wanna be anywhere else?


Oh hello there spring! Welcome to the UK – please make yourself comfortable! :) Ahh, another day in sunny London.  How nice is it to see the sun shining and the days stretching?  Although it’s fairly crisp, so tights are still a necessity.  Though to be honest, I always opt for tights even if it is warmer (anybody else the same?), but I have vowed to get my (very pale!) pins out more often!

While I know that gingham has got connotations of primary school uniform (not necessarily a bad thing – happiest days of our lives and all that!), I see this dress as a bit of a nod to the fifties – the print, the cut, how it’s fitted at the top and flowing freely below. Teamed with a leather jacket, my signature hat, some trusty opaques and a pair of classic black shoes (okay, maybe more school-girl than I thought…), it was an ideal ensemble for a day exploring the capital. Although it was quite windy and I had a few, uhm, ‘moments’ (think Marilyn Monroe from ‘The Seven Year Itch’, only decidedly less glamorous…!). x 


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