A Week in Paris : Part 2





I can almost feel the heat from looking at these photos again!  It was a scorcher, so it was refreshing to chill out by these fabulous fountains, the light spray was nice and cooling.  Spot the rainbow in the photo!

This day, in the Dior boutique in Galeries Lafayette (window shopping only of course… but hey, a girl can dream) one of the ladies working there complimented me on my shorts, and told me about how houndstooth was the design that made Christian Dior famous! I was beyond chuffed; I thought it was so kind, especially as she said it when we were leaving the boutique without buying anything.  I’ll forever associate the shorts with that time.

That’s another thing – the Parisians.  What a lovely bunch!  I don’t see where the rude stereotype comes from, as every single French person we encountered (yes, waiters too) were just fantastic.

We found Galeries Lafayette to be very pleasant indeed to visit; a beyond beautiful building and warm, friendly faces representing the store. Some of our own high-end stores in the UK should take a leaf out of their book.  True service with a smile!  And what a view from the rooftop terrace…


I really do have a thing for the architecture here.  I love how there are almost no modern buildings in the city; along with plenty of leafy trees, they compliment each other perfectly.

That evening, we dined locally and explored the cobbled streets in Montmartre off the beaten track.  After our stroll, we made our way back to the hotel, in time to catch the Eiffel Tower’s hourly sparkle from the rooftop terrace!  The terrace had officially closed for the evening, but the lovely staff let us up to take in the last light-show of the night.



See you in Part 3! x



  1. October 27, 2013 / 12:20 am

    amazing sarah great job xxx

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