West End: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Anyone who knows me will know I’m not much of a ‘party animal’ – I’m more of a meal-out-and-cinema kinda gal. But if there’s one thing I love about going out, it’s getting my glad-rags on!  So what better opportunity than an evening at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane?

Jamie and I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and absolutely loved it! I’d highly recommend anyone who’s in London for a few days to go and see it.  The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane is an experience in itself – a beautiful old building whose architecture has remained true to traditional theatre.  The show was a real spectacle and magnificently done, with top performers, a fantastic set which was wonderfully incorporated… oh, and it was directed by some bloke called Sam Mendes…!

The plot largely remains true to the classic picture starring Gene Wilder, but with some slight differences (I won’t spoil it for you!), a dash of modern thrown in, and with humour that tickles an audience of all ages.  Sweet treats from the Wonka confectionery range are available to buy; getting dressed up, munching on chocolate and experiencing a little magic?  My kind of night out!  Go and see it – you won’t be disappointed!

After the show, we went for a stroll around Covent Garden and got a bite to eat at Wahaca. A perfect evening if you ask me! x


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