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“Nostalgia is denial… denial of the painful present.”




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Do you ever watch a film and identify with it so much, you’d say it was made for you?!

You may recognise the above, from what is undoubtedly my favourite film, Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.  I remember going to the cinema with Jamie to watch it when it came out, and we were completely head over heels, so much so that it was a big driver in our holiday to Paris last year – we even made sure to visit the famous steps at midnight, just like Gil.

While on the surface, it is without doubt a dreamy and beautiful watch (that opening sequence, anyone?), on a deeper level it is a film that I feel a real connection with as I can truly identify with the main thread of the narrative; a nostalgia for a time I did not belong to and a sense of being born in the wrong era. It’s true!  My name is Sarah, and I’m a Golden Age Thinker! I dream of the past, from the 1920s right through to the seventies.  But particularly the swinging sixties and, in this case, the roaring twenties.

I feel this film was made for me(!) because even before this film came about, I longed to have been a part of the 1920s, especially Paris during that time.  I find myself completely enamoured with it; the fashion, architecture, music, films, art, literature…! A Moveable Feast indeed, Mr Hemingway!  I readily admit to being a Francophile though;  I admire France on many levels, not just because it is the style capital of the world and possesses the most beautiful language… :)


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Midnight in Paris is one film I will never tire of watching – it makes me fall in love with Paris every time I see it, and I find it such a feel-good watch.  The perfect outlet to indulge in some golden age thinking! Thank you Woody for making something so very special.

Did you relate to Midnight in Paris, or any other film?  What is your favourite era? x



  1. marie
    January 11, 2014 / 10:42 am

    Looks a great film! I love the late 60s and early 70s so the film Easy Rider is a style favourite of mine. M x

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