Moggys or Mutts?

While I am very agreeable to cute little kittens, I’ve never been a cat person.  And unless you’ve been taking up residence under a large rock this past while, you will have seen how cats and feline paraphernalia are taking a firm hold in fashion; be it hats or bags with ears, t-shirts and jumpers with cat prints or, of course, the famous kitty flats by Charlotte Olympia.

While trying to decide if I actually like Charlotte Olympias or not (I’m still undecided!?), it occurred to me – what about us dog lovers; where is the love for dogs in design? Man’s best friend after all… so I had a little browse for some nice puppy related treats to put together here.


1. Carey Puppy Jumper, Boohoo 2. Puppy Hottie, Dorothy Perkins 3. Cushion, Chelsea Textiles 4. Door Stop, Ulster Weavers 5. Dog Print Wellies, Joules 6. Purse, Radley 7. Christmas Dog Jumper, Joules

And perhaps my favourite find, this snuggly Cath Kidston Stanley jumper.


What do you think of the cat-related fashion that’s in at the moment? Are you a cat or dog person? x


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