First Foray into the DSLR World




I have to say, I’m a stereotypical girl – I love flowers, and they were the first thing I thought of capturing after purchasing my first DSLR; a Canon EOS 600D.

Obviously these are snaps from well over a month ago, after Paris, sadly the flowers don’t look as vibrant now… But I am looking forward to capturing Autumn :) how beautiful are the trees at this time of year?! Definitely my favourite season.¬†Time for wrapping up in scarves, hats and colourful tights!



Is it just me, or when you get a new camera do you feel compelled to photograph everything?! The fresh cream buns (mmm…) were brought round by an auntie and cousin when they came to visit the other week, and I snapped this candle just because…!

Looking forward to going out and taking some proper snaps soon! x


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